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Tile and Grout Cleaning Apollo Beach

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Welcome to Lanior Carpet Cleaning, we are a company founded 12 years ago under the belt of Nikson Restituyo who has a wide career in management and project development. Our core values are to provide the most advances and up to date services in term commercial and residential cleaning in Apollo beach, Florida.


Some of the reasons why we are your best options are that we offer:


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Tile and grout cleaning:

Tile grout should be cleaned whenever it becomes dirty or discolored with mold and mildew, but the frequency will depend on where the tile is located and how heavily the surface is used. Tiled wall surfaces may require this only infrequently, while tiled shower walls subject to lots of moisture and constantly humid conditions might require it weekly. The best rule of thumb: Scrub the tile grout whenever it is obviously discolored or dirty.

Cleaning grout lines can be a difficult and physical process. Once you have the grout looking clean and stain-free, sealing the grout will create a protective surface that helps prevent future staining and makes it much easier to keep grout clean. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when applying grout cleaner. The tile must be clean and completely dry, and you must let the sealer cure fully before using the tiled area.

The secret to clean-looking tile floors, walls and counters?

Clean grout. Tile resists dirt and stains but grout is porous and absorbs dirt and spills, so it stains easily. In an entry, dirt and grime stains the grout. In a kitchen, spills are to blame for dirty grout. Soap, mold and mildew make dirty grout in a bathroom. Here’s how to clean grout in any part of your home.

What do we do first?

We wipe down the grout with hot water to remove surface dirt and grime. Next, spray a cleaning solution on the grout. You can mix your own by putting a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray on the grout, let stand for five minutes and then scrub with a soft brush. Use a toothbrush or other small scrub brush to scrub the grout. For extra scrubbing power, use an electric toothbrush. Don’t use a metal brush as it will scratch the tile and could knock out pieces of the grout. Rinse thoroughly with hot water when you’re done.

You can also use commercially prepared grout cleaners or diluted bleach. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean floor grout. Use these caustic products sparingly, because regular use will erode the grout.

This process may look easy but it is not for beginners, if you want a job well done you need professionals to take care of this, call us today and make a free quote with us about our services, we are the best solution for your cleaning needs.

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