About Us

Our mission is to provide our customers with a healthy indoor environment by removing many of the indoor contaminants. This includes dirt, grime, odors and irritants that trigger allergic reactions, in a face to face  and professional contact.

I’m Nikson Restituyo, the owner. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree and more than 25 years of Business Managing experience under my belt. We’re a family’s  business operated. Our dream to create a business that contributes to the economy of this great State & country, we founded Lanior Cleaning Services in 2006; a company dedicated to supplying commercial and residential cleaning of the highest caliber.

Three years later, in order to satisfy the market’s  need of a reliable and professional  provider of  carpet cleaning services, we founded Lanior Carpet Cleaning to expand our line of excellent service that you, the customer, demands.

Our commitment is to put together the latest equipment, knowledge, professionalism, and of course positive attitude to provide you with the best service in the area.

Convenient Hours

Quality Service

Competitive Pricing

Superior Technology

Full Line of Services

Trained Technicians


Our goal is to bring health, happiness with 100%  satisfaction to our customers with the greatest service!

Thank you for choosing us, the best carpet cleaners in your area. God bless.