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Disinfection Deep Cleaning

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Deep cleaning is something that needs to be done everywhere once in a while. But are you disinfecting afterwards?

Keeping your home or office safe is vital to not only your health, but also your happiness. Regular cleaning is a must for all. Deep cleaning along with complete disinfection is a must, especially nowadays.

Commercial Disinfecting Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you have an office, repair shop, beauty salon or any other commercial type of business, you need to keep it clean and safe for many reasons.

First off there is a lot of traffic going on. Even if you don’t have clients coming in and out, you do have employees that come and go every day. We are not just talking about going home and back, people often go out to pick up some lunch or even make a coffee run.

There are a lot of people trying not to go out. That only means that they are more than likely to be using the kitchen area. This is now turning it into a higher traffic area then before. With everyone now in there all of the surfaces now should have regular disinfecting cleaning. How often you need this will depend on how many people are using the area.

Services Disinfecting Cleaning

Residential Disinfecting Cleaning

More and more people are trying to avoid going out and just staying at home. But there is always a necessity to leave for one reason or another.

Not everyone can work from home. Some of us need to go to work because there are a lot of jobs that cannot be done from home. Safe procedures need to be applied when they get home. Germs can spread fast, especially in a house.

No matter what you need to be disinfected

Whether it is home or commercial areas, there are many things in common. Some of these things are:

  • Door Knobs and Handles
  • Kitchen and Break Areas
  • Light Switches
  • Every Part of a Bathroom
  • Tables/Desks
  • Sofas/Chairs
  • Anything Else That is Commonly Used

These are just an example of things that should have regular deep and disinfection cleaning. This helps control the spread of any microbes.

Lanior Carpet Cleaning is your best choice for deep and disinfection cleaning throughout the Florida area. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and practices. Call or contact us for more information and learn about the best way to keep your environment safe for all.

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