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Carpet Stretching Plan City

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Welcome to Lanior carpet cleaning in Plant City, Florida, we are your best option to keep your carpet and floors clean and without dust or dirt.  We have more than 12 years of experience, founded in 2006, we have all the equipment needed to take any project in the field of residential carpet cleaning and take it to the next level, our many years of experience speak for us and they are our best business card.

Cleaning residential carpets is a relatively easy job and anyone can do it using different methods. However, commercial carpets are large and hard-to-clean. Professional and reputable commercial cleaning companies have all the necessary tools, workforce, and relevant experience to get the job done in a cost-efficient way.

What type of Services do we offer?

Carpet stretching

The stretching of the carpet consists of placing the carpet in the exact setting from the point where it is placed so that each of its parts can be fixed in the place where it corresponds to be, this type of maintenance should be recommended every 15 years, to that in this way the carpet can have a longer useful life and thus can continue to give your home the splendor it warrants.

To carry out the carpet stretching it is important to follow the following steps:

● place the mat in the place where it is intended, making sure that it is the right place for placing it, as well as cleaning the area
● Make sure the seams are complete and in the proper condition. If necessary, it is important to finish the construction of the carpet and complete it in each of the parts that are needed.
● power stretcher: once the seam is completed, the carpet can be stretched, this process is important to the utility of the carpet stretching machine, the quality of this and important since it can determine the quality of the result
● Kitcher carpet: up to this point it is important to use a tool called a carpet kicker which is responsible for grabbing the fibers of the carpet and then taking it and placing it on the tac strip around the entire room
● trim: this step is simply to trim the excess carpet along the wall, it is recommended to use a knife to generate a smooth and natural finish

Whether you have already made a failed attempt to effectively clean your carpets or you’re planning to clean them for the first time, be sure to have enough carpet cleaning knowledge, skills, and equipment. We recommend you hire a professional carpet cleaning company like us to do this work for you. 

At Lanior carpet cleaning in Plant City you will have the customer oriented company and the expertice that you need. Contact now our number 813 965 8956 we will be happy to be of assistance.

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