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We are Lanior carpet cleaning , the best commercial and residential cleaning service in Dover, Florida, our company has all the experience and a vast and talented group of professionals trained to accomplish the most challenging task.

Lets talk for a second about some of our services:

Carpet Stretching

will correct the common problems of wrinkles, ripples and lumps. You don’t have to live with a loose, wrinkly carpet. We can restore it quickly and easily with a three-year guarantee.

Correcting wrinkling problems as soon as you notice them extends the life of your plush floor coverings. Carpet stretching is quite affordable and helps protect from uneven wear. We are certified to do the job.

What Causes Wrinkling?

There are several reasons that ripples develop:

● Normal wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas
● Moving heavy furniture by dragging it
● Low-quality or mismatched underlayment (pad)
● Temperature and humidity changes, ongoing or at the time of installation
● Excessive heat and water from wet cleaning methods
● Installation errors

Even the simple, steady pressure of normal foot traffic can distort and lengthen the textile backing. If the overall dimensions have changed since the original installation, ripples are certain to form somewhere. If the edges have pulled away from their tack strips, regular traffic can cause movement that will eventually result in ripples.

Once you’ve spotted wrinkles, you’ll want to have them corrected soon. Uncorrected buckling can cause uneven wear and permanent damage to the backing. Raised, wavy or loose areas also present a tripping hazard for children, the elderly, and guests in your home. Don’t take a risk. Call now.

We offer repair for rips, tears and holes, as well as burn damage. By offering certified work in multiple areas of restoration, we can remedy many problems in one visit. You can avoid juggling appointments with two or three different companies. We have completed vigorous training in all of the professional fields that we work in.
Add up the benefits of choosing us to provide carpet stretching and other restoration services:

● Trained and certified owner-technicians on every job
● We move your furniture
● One-stop cleaning, repair and stretching
● The proper experience; the proper tools; the proper methods

Call our emergency line and ask for a free quote, our team not only focuses on the hands on service, but we also follow up and provide extraordinary customer service during and after the project. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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