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Pet Odors & Stain Removal Cleaning in Riverview, Brandon & Valrico FL & Surrounding Areas

Professional carpet cleaning services are highly recommended whenever a home has pet odors. The process of removing pet odors without professional help can be challenging. For example, if the carpet has a dark tone, finding the odor will be difficult. Our technicians understand how to locate stains and odors from all types of carpets. This is possible because we use a black light. A black light is a bulb that displays stains that are invisible.

Lanior Carpet Cleaning technicians use advanced cleaning procedures to remove pet odors. Our technicians clean stains that cause odors from the outside and work towards the center. Cleaning from the center is not efficient because the stain will travel farther into the flooring. We scrub stains using a bristle brush and professional-grade paper towels. The paper towels are important because they absorb the liquid. However, we never scrub the carpet using towels because they could tear the carpet fibers.

Although there are products at stores that can eliminate most pet odors, some odors will require professional cleaning. The most challenging pet odor is feline urine. Because the scent is so strong, professional-grade cleaning products will be needed to remove the odor.


I hired Stanley Steamer on countless occasions in the past to clean my rental property. Just recently I was pressed for time and Stanley was unavailable so I took a chance with Lanior. I’m so glad Stanley was unavailable because Lanior cleaned my carpet in ways Stanley Steamers haven’t in the past. The price was great and most importantly he was on time. Sorry Stanley, you’re fired! I’m looking forward to a long business relationship with Lanior Carpert Cleaning.

Austin Ford

They were very nice & professional. We live on the 4th floor in our apartments and he made sure he was able to clean our carpet and satisfy us despite the hassle He did an EXCELLENT JOB it looks like brand new carpet and it smells so good.

Kaylah Monique

I recommend Lanior Carpet Cleaning to anyone who wants a good job done. The price is unbeatable and the service was excellent. They were very professional and friendly and appointment was easy to schedule. I will definitely be using them again!!!

Tory Davis

I recently took over management of a vacation rental community that had disgusting carpets, tiles and sofas. As nasty as they come. I called Lanior Carpet Cleaning because I googled and saw that he had high reviews and was from my area. Anyway Nikson, was very honest from the movement we spoke. He was knowledgeable, resourceful and his pricing was surprisingly good. Plus He uses rotovac!…

Carmen Guiliarte

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