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Lanior carpet cleaning is a company specialized in home cleaning, we provide our services in a large part of the country, guaranteeing your safety and the order of your correspondence as home, taking care of each of your requests according to your expectations, and keeping ourselves committed to your needs and aesthetics of your residence.

We are a company with more than 12 years of experience, founded in 2006 and focused on the highest resource that is needed for a service that you can experience friendly, excellent and with quality, our greatest job is that you can feel comfortable and confident with the cleaning of your home, guaranteeing your health and safety as well as a new splendor in your room.

Services we offer:

Carpet repair: Carpets are a fundamental piece for a home to look attractive and high-end, the importance of knowing everything about carpets lies in knowing that it is art, it is a piece made mainly to project that artistic touch in the area where it has been placed, has a capacity to generate suitable environments or, on the contrary, heavy or tense environments

For home use, carpets should have an inspection as a treatment every 7 or 10 years in the form of a complete laundry, to guarantee the good condition of the fabric and the time necessary for subsequent stretching if necessary., the importance of this procedure goes beyond the elimination of the dust that accumulates at the base of the carpet, as this can cause wear of the carpet.

A carpet has a very important value when it remains over time, it is said that a carpet that has been stepped on for more than 100 years can increase the value of a jewel, so the carpet that has maintenance at least every 20 approximately years its value can increase, to that of a fortune if all this necessary care is given to it

reasons why carpets deteriorate:

  • The footprints left on the carpet could be detrimental to its structures, especially if they are heavy people or people with large feet, this may in the long term if the carpet is not maintained it can be damaged
  • Treads with heavy shoes: there are different types of shoes used for each type of floor, and an inappropriate shoe such as work boots or soccer cleats, could end up damaging the soft surface of the carpet
  • Lack of maintenance, carpets can be damaged if over the years they are not properly maintained, properly cleaned or necessary stretching
  • Exposure to the type of environment: a carpet can be damaged even from the moment of its placement, since there may be places where the carpet can be exposed to environments that are too humid or where sunlight is exposed too much

we are Lanior carpet cleaning, Florida, you can contact the number 813 965 8956 we will be serving you

Our goal is to provide health, happiness, and satisfaction to our customers with the best service!

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