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The Damage Dirt Does To Carpet Fibers

It would be great if carpets always looked as good as they did on the day they were fitted. But unfortunately they don’t, due to the damage that dirt does to the carpet fibers.

Unless a strict “shoes off” policy is maintained then dirt will find its way into your home on the soles of shoes that have been worn outside. This dirt will be walked on to your carpets and as it is ground into the carpet fiber it starts to do damage.
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The microscopic particles of grit and soil will start to abrade and wear the individual carpet fibers, just as if they were being rubbed regularly with an abrasive paper. And as they sides of the carpet fibers become scratched and worn from this abrasive action, the overall appearance of the carpet will start to change. It will lose some of its lustre or sheen, and there will be some slight change of colour which starts to appear.

Typically the carpet will start to look dirty as well. The grit and dirt will not only abrade and wear the individual carpet fibers, but under the weight of people’s feet, some of the particles will also get embedded in the sides of the carpet fiber. This trapped dirt will greatly affect the overall appearance of the carpet. The only way to remove the embedded dirt is by using a professional carpet cleaner with a very high powered extraction system.

The worst places for damage to the carpet caused by dirt will be at entrances and at other high traffic areas where there is frequent walking through a room, or up and down a corridor. Carpets can be protected from the damage caused by dirt by using entrance mats at doorways. These will trap the dirt as people wipe their feet. Regular vacuum cleaning with a good vacuum cleaner is also essential to prevent damage.

The slow deterioration of carpets due to the wear and abrasion caused by dirt is almost unavoidable. But with a “shoes off” policy, the careful use of mats and regular vacuum cleaning it can be avoided.